Tired of paying high concessions?
Need a cheap alternative?

Hide-My-Flask saves you money.

In this tight economy, why pay more?
Skip the long lines at concession stands.
Avoid buying the more expensive drinks.
The curved 5 oz. flask fits comfortably in your pocket.

Gain your freedom and go anywhere
with Hide-My-Flask!!


With Hide-My-Flask, bypass the metal detectors at stadiums.
Yes. It's possible because Hide-My-Flask is made entirely of plastic.

So go ahead and enjoy the game or movie without fear.

Call 1-800-370-0317 for more info.

From the makers of the Micro-Glo Stick, HP Industries Inc.


Available in Many Series


Bypass metal detectors with this all plastic flask.

Designer Series

Biker • City Names • Red Solo Cup
Souvenir • Tattoos
Wildlife and much more

Promotional & Fundraising

Promote your company or organization with a customized flask.

Don't drink and drive. Please drink responsibly.